What is the UKTBO?

The UKTBO is the Trade Association for the tenpin bowling industry in Great Britain and stands for the UK United Kingdom Tenpin Bowing Operators. Formed in 1961 due to this unique leisure sector’s rapid development, the UKTBO is an umbrella organisation which has grown to represent the interests of many bowling companies and independent operators in tenpin bowling.

What is the TBPA?

The UKTBO was previously known as the Tenpin Bowling Proprietors Association (TBPA), our membership has a wide geographical spread across the UK. All three of the major bowling equipment suppliers are members.

We now have around 150 bowling centres signed up, from leading commercial operators to family-run businesses, who are responsible for approximately 3,700 bowling lanes.

What do we do?

The UKTBO works closely with local and national Government and independent organisations.

The Association offers advice and information to help our members comply with the law and regulations.

The UKTBO encourages high standards of business practice through a voluntary Code of Practice.

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