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How much space do you need for a bowling centre?

How long does it take to install a pair of tenpin bowling lanes?

What is the total length of a tenpin bowling seating, approach, lane, machine and service area?

What is the maximum and minimum length needed for a tenpin bowling installation?

Who supplies and installs ten-pin bowling lanes and pin-spotter machines in the UK?

Which is the best option? Freefall pinspotters or string?

What is the best automatic scoring system for a tenpin bowling machine?

Who does the UKTBO recommended to supply ten-pin bowling lanes and pinsetter machines?

How much does it cost to supply and install a pair of tenpin bowling lanes and machines?

Where can I download the official Ten-pin Bowling Lane dimensions that are used in the UK?

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Whilst these answers have been compiled to provide you with a host of useful information, we do recommend checking with your supplier before making any purchase commitments as the machines, ball return lengths and widths do vary.

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