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The United Kingdom Tenpin Bowing Operators (UKTBO) aims to represent our members in all matters which might affect them collectively or individually to other bodies and organisations.

Such organisations may include other bowling associations and regulatory bodies within the sport of tenpin bowling as well as local and national Government, particularly in the creation and maintenance of any formal industry regulation.

When appropriate, we will provide members with advice on compliance with the law and any subsequent regulations. We may also act as a representative of an individual member, when requested.

tenpin bowling
tenpin bowling
How the UKTBO works


The UKTBO’s programme is proposed by the Executive Committee, who meet at least three times a year to review plans. These proposals are then put before all of our Members.


By undertaking promotions that raise the profile of tenpin bowling. This will sometimes be achieved in co-operation with third parties and outside agencies.


At all times, the UKTBO carries out its function and programme of work only by lawful means and within the ethics of good business practice.

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