Disco Bowl Lewisham to Benefit from £350,000 Investment

Disco Bowl Lewisham is the latest tenpin bowling centre to be updated with the installation of string machines.

Pete Terry, the CEO of Disco Bowl based in Nottingham, says that in the continuing program to refurbish and update the estate, Lewisham is currently having string machines installed to replace the old freefall equipment. The refurbishment will be £350,000 and demonstrates the commitment of Disco Bowl to their valued customers at their Lewisham centre. We are also updating the bumpers and scoring in the centre to allow every customer to choose bumpers to be up or down. They are the latest System 30 bumpers we will be putting in.

This is great news for the customers and the staff of this 22 lane centre.

String machines are more reliable and significantly quieter than the old freefall machines and will provide a much better customer experience.

String machines require less maintenance, consume fewer spare parts and use less energy making them more environmentally friendly.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of April.

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